So, this the norwegian song I was working on. Uploaded it to Youtube and made an approximate translation into english in the description. Hope you like it, as requested - onlystrongpursuits, although it’s not in english. :P

First off you’re absolutely adorable! Secondly j listened to the video before I read the translation - and I’m glad I did because i LOVE your voice! It’s so powerful yet melodic! :D

I hope you don’t mind my reblogging this too! I wanted to share it since I throughly enjoyed it. :) You’re really talented - I hope you realize that. Like, I’m not just saying that. You have a really beautiful voice.

That is the nicest compliment I have ever recieved. Thank you! I’m writing and deleting words over and over again right now. I really want to answer this well and not sound like a total dork getting complimented on some selfmade boardgame. But i can’t help myself. Inside - I’m jumping up and down.

Thank you for honestly liking it. You made my day. ♡